What is Party Animals, the Reptile Roadshow?


Party Animals is a countrywide exotic animal talks service. It is educational on many different levels, whilst at the same time entertaining. My exotic animal presentations are illustrated with around 35 animals, representing most of the classes and many species.


Party Animals is the UK's original and trusted hands-on reptile roadshow!


I talk about fears and phobias, the environments that these animals come from, how they protect themselves and how adaptation, natural selection and evolution have shaped the way they look and feel. A truly memorable animal party, birthday party or corporate event.


Corner Exotics, Party Animals provides:

  • Animal Parties
  • Childrens Animal Birthday Parties
  • Educational & fun animal talks for all types of groups and gatherings
  • Exotic Animal Lectures
  • PR Events, Animal Photography Shoots
  • Hands on experience with the exotic animals
  • Party invitations free of charge from this website

An animal party, or, reptile roadshow is the perfect and unique gift for animal lovers of all ages, or simply a memorable form of party entertainment for your guests, whatever the occasion.


You can enquire about an Animal Party by following this link and completing the: Contact Form.


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