Animals are truly amazing

I would like to write a review/testimonial for you......"

"Simon and his animals are truly amazing. I would highly recommend Corner Exotics as a wonderful experience, providing ample opportunity to entertain and inform school-aged children about such an important topic.

Our children, aged 7 and 9 invited four friends each to Simon's Animal Party which took place in our home. We were treated to an unforgettable hour and a half of top quality information, and hands-on experience of some truly extraordinary animals. Simon's relaxed and fun approach to teaching thrilled everyone, and there were plenty of laughs as well as 'ooohs' and 'ahhhs' from children and adults alike. Simon provided such an energetic, well informed and competent presentation; I was extremely impressed.

As a lecturer in biological sciences, I have a keen interest in genetics and evolution, and I can confirm that Simon is very well informed and knowledgeable about all the animals he introduces, yet delivers his information in a very entertaining and enjoyable way. The children were each given the opportunity to touch feel and hold the beautiful animals, and the 'birthday children' were given a little extra responsibility and asked to show certain animals around themselves, under Simon's careful and watchful eye. A truly exciting and enjoyable experience for any child. Whilst this is a pricier option for a party, it is of top quality, and therefore excellent value for money... particularly if you can share the cost. By keeping the numbers of children sensible, every child would get the chance to interact with all of the animals and gain most from the experience. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!"

Dr S. Greenwood (November 9th 2014).
Thank you so much Simon - I may yet hire you again for my birthday party!!! (Im a bit older than 9!!!). and can I have a giraffe please??