I have started doing shows again after 4 months enforced holiday because of lock down. I had to start again through necessity in order to keep my animals fit, healthy and mentally stimulated, (same goes for me !!) They are used to being handled by thousands of people a year and I've always thought that it's unfair on an animal to radically change it's routines if they are good and healthy ones.

If you've seen one of my shows you'll know they are the polar opposite of 'social distancing'. My shows are intentionally up close and personal, hands on, real and in your face. My belief has always been that if you can't touch the animals you're missing out on 90% of the experience, you may as well be watching youtube, which incidentally is why I haven't yet done any online sessions.

By touching and holding my animals people have the chance to reconnect at a fundamental level with another species, to overcome preconceived negative ideas about the animal and dismiss perceived 'phobias'. A connection with nature, the planet, life other than human, is essential if we as a species are ever going to stop regarding the the planet as 'our dominion', an infinite resource to be destroyed and consumed by an ever increasing number of people. Deforestation, mass extinctions, climate change, plastic pollution, Covid 19, and all other zoonotic diseases are a symptom of that attitude.

None of that can be achieved by me 'social distancing'.

However, Corner Exotics does take the pandemic very seriously so the policy for shows is as follows :

Small numbers in accordance with current Government guidelines.

Shows should ideally be held outdoors or in large, well ventilated areas.

I wear a face mask at all times.

Hand washing is emphasised even more than usual.

Social distancing between guests is recommended at all times.

I hope this answers any questions you may have but if I can give you any further information please click on Contact Me and send me an email.

Thanks for visiting, Simon