What makes for a memorable children’s party?

Sadly, I think not... but do not fear or crumble at the thought of that impending birthday - for a plan can be made. What can bring together a group of children like nothing else, what can trigger excitement, intrigue, passion and wonderment? Animals of course! That's right, if you are stuck for a party theme then have you ever considered hiring an animal partier or 'animal man' (as most affectionately referred to)?

And I'm not just talking animal balloons, animal shaped cakes or games. I mean bringing the animals to the party... that's right, just like those cool school visits. An animal party is the perfect, most unique gift for animal lovers of all ages, or simply a memorable form of party entertainment for your guests if nothing else! Seriously though, imagine their little faces when a specialist animal partier (yes, such as myself) brings out a number of characters. What surprise, what infectious fun - and educational too!

For if we are serious for a moment; children learn so much about life and the World they live in through learning with animals. And what nicer way to do this than surrounded by friends and family? As you know, kids are naturally inquisitive and being able to be 'hands on' with animals they wouldn't usually see in the wild, or even in this country, will have them talking for many moons after the party! So please don't hesitate to give me a call and I'll go through the ropes with you in more detail; needless-to-say, you'll definitely 'out party' Mrs Jones you party animal!