Top 5 Most Common Animal Phobias

1.) Spiders (Arachnophobia)
Why oh why are so many people scared of spiders? I often sit pondering this one; and I think it's because, as humans, we can't help but to spread fear. See a spider from the corner of your eye, jump and scream like a little girl - what will happen? Your little girl will witness your blind panic and become scared herself. And so the vicious cycle begins!

Why panic in the first place? I don't really think it has anything to do with tarantulas, but instead the sneaky, fast, creepy crawly nature of a spider itself. How it tends to go is that you are happily minding your own business when 'boo', down jumps a spider and sits beside her (scurrying over your face in the process). Surprise and fear - not a good combination!

2.) Snakes (Ophidiophobia)
And whilst we're talking of sneaky, scurrying, speedy spiders; let's not forget those slithering snakes. Snakes are feared by many and the main reason is again their creepiness, that so many people find frightening and unnerving. Furthermore, the unfortunate truth that many snakes are actually incredibly lethal too, with venoms that can cause instant death.

3.) Wasps (Spheksophobia)
The fear of wasps is medically referred to as spheksophobia, and the reason for people fearing them is their poisonous stings, which can be lethal if you encounter a hive. Swarms of wasps can be very disturbing, with lots of buzzes here and buzzes there ...buzzes everywhere!

4.) Mice (Musophobia)
Musophobia is the one that really gets me for I find mice incredibly cute, truth be told! But, low and behold, mice are generally feared because of their creepiness and scurrying sounds! They are very stubborn (and intelligent too), and can really scare the *beepers* out of people by catching them completely unawares!

5.) Dogs (Cynophobia)
There is nothing comical about dogs being on this list at all, but alas they are feared (some particular breeds more than others) by many and through no fault of their own may I add! Instead, it is generally down to stereotypes and bad owners.

From fairy tales to doggy tails, what can I say? I love all animals, no matter their size, their slithering ways or their creepy crawliness - but the above five phobias do unfortunately exist - and yes - there is name for them too!