The 'Wow' Factor

to give your child's party the cutting edge and have their friends talking for days.

Exotic pets for parties

Getting to meet animals, reptiles and insects which most children have only ever heard of in books, can be a fascinating, educating and exciting experience and children's natural curiosity is bound to have them asking questions. How many children can go home after a birthday party and boast that they have held a lizard? Or stroked a chinchilla? Or come into close and personal contact with a real live tarantula? Making the introduction of unusual creatures a fun and exciting experience as part of their birthday celebrations will make their day one to remember and be talked about for some considerable time.

Educating Children

Obviously, taking an array of exotic pets to a child's birthday party is not for one-upmanship, but is a wonderful way in which to teach a group of receptive children all about these creatures, their feeding habits, their natural habitat and the husbandry skills needed to keep such unique pets. This also serves to dispel the myths surrounding some of the less popular species; children will soon learn and realise that snakes, spiders and insects are not always venomous or dangerous and pose no threat to them.
Allowing children to encounter these amazing animals while they are able to learn about their environment, whether it is the Andes Mountains in South America, the tropical rainforests or the deserts will heighten their natural curiosity and provide an entertaining, informative and unique experience. All talks and presentations are in line with the national curriculum.

Presentation and Talks

An exotic animal presentation and talk will make your child's birthday party a truly memorable occasion, with information provided about not only the environment these creatures originate from, but also how evolution has formed the way they look, how, in their natural habitat, they adapt and protect themselves from threats.
Providing a large selection of various species and encouraging children to have a 'hands-on' approach gives them an experience they may never encounter again in their lives, and one which, will remain with them for a very long time. An 'animal party' or 'reptile roadshow' is an amazing gift for all animal lovers.
Obviously safety is of the utmost importance and no-one will be exposed to anything which may harm them and care is always taken to ensure that the species of animal brought to any party is safe to be handled in controlled conditions and is suitable for interaction with children. Helping children and adults alike to overcome any phobias through education and interaction can be a life-changing experience. These parties can be provided for various functions, corporate events, conferences, or educational talks.