Spiders, Bugs and Creepy Crawlies

Why Choose Spiders or Insects?

All of the above can be fascinating to watch and have the additional bonus of being quiet, clean, requiring little space and attention and little socialization. Careful thought should be put into any decision to obtain a pet, be it a dog or cat or an exotic pet, as these are living creatures which have needs and requirements and are not for 'showing off' to your friends, the same level of commitment should be given to an exotic pet as you would to a dog or cat.

Considerations before selecting your pet.

Firstly you need to find out if you are allowed to legally keep the type of pet you want, as some species are banned or on an endangered animal list and subject to strict regulations. Visit an expert and seek advice about the care needed for your pet, such as, housing, diet, environment and habitat, how long your pet is expected to live is another useful question to ask as some spiders can live in excess of 30 years.
Always ensure that you purchase exotic pets from a reputable dealer and not from 'someone who knows someone', as this way you will be confident that the creature has entered the country legally and with the utmost care given to its needs during transportation. Buying from a recognised expert can ensure also, that you know exactly what species of spider or insect you are obtaining and if it is venomous.

Selecting the Right Pet

To begin your journey into the care and keeping of exotic pets, in the first instance, select one which is neither dangerous or too delicate. Some insects are extremely fragile and should be handled with great care and some spiders are too venomous to handle, so talk to an expert and get advice on how to properly handle your pet, as it can be easy to injure them if you do not know how to correctly pick them up.
Although there are recommended species of spider for beginners, remember that they may just bite, particularly if they are frightened in any way, and a tarantula bite can cause a great deal of pain. Tarantulas have particular hairs on their abdomen which they shed if they feel threatened and which can be exceptionally irritating. If you are getting a tarantula, ensure you find out how best to steer clear of bites and how to deal with bites should they happen, plus what to do if exposed to their irritating hairs.
Visit an expert in exotic pets and get to meet and handle any pet you may have in mind for the future. Get all the advice you can, find out how easy or difficult it would be to keep and look after a species and when you have all the information, always purchase your chosen pet from a reputable dealer.
Good Luck and enjoy your pet ........