Small Acts can transform the World

by Cherry, Aged 13

My name is Cherry and I’m 13 years old. I love the outdoors and have done since I was little. I’ve been brought up to respect our natural world and not to hrm any living thing, as every life is precious.

My love for all things wild has grown, starting with bug hunts, bioblitz and wildlife walks, now I’m part of the BTO (British trust for ornithology). I enjoy going on walks and days out to discover new parts of nature that I’ve never seen before. Whilst out and about, I look out for birds, insects, and any wildlife that may be found in that area.

I feel it is so important to notice these little things. It’s been a part of us for thousands of years and most species have been here well before humans evolved. The human race are slowly disconnecting from it.

Not only are we distancing ourselves from the natural world, we seem to think it's ok to destroy it in the process. Some people don’t realise how damaging every day things can be, such as the use of plastic- buying vegetables, wrapped in plastic/netting- keeping your car engine on just to stay warm, or having your heating on unnecessarily. These are just little things, but if everyone makes a small change in their daily routine where possible, we can make a huge difference.

People need to think about how they can change... because they can, we all can. The only way to stop this climate and nature crisis is if we work together.

The people in charge are letting us down and are too distracted by money and power. We have become too narrow-minded, and have lost sight in what really matters. Things have become too easy, people don’t have to work as hard to get things they want and don’t cherish things like they used to.

It is now up to us to make a difference... It's now or never.

Small Acts the earth has music