Party Animals go Stereophonic

I had the pleasure of doing a party a party for 2 girls called Misty and Xanthe in Fulham recently.

To my surprise, Misty’s dad was Kelly Jones, the owner of one of the finest voices in the music world, lead singer and guitarist of the awesome band Stereophonics and a really nice fella.

I played it cool, possibly too cool, and didn’t fawn all over him but he knew I knew and that was enough!

The party went really well and everyone was totally lovely. Kelly’s parents were there and it was a real pleasure to meet them and hear the story about cockroaches coming out of their coal delivery back in Cwmaman in South Wales.

Kelly said he was scared of snakes so at the end of the show when I got out ‘Escobar’, a 5ft long Boa Constrictor, I smiled at him and he nodded and then he went onto an even higher pedestal in my mind by letting me put the Boa around his neck. His Daughter took his photo and he kindly said that I could put it on my Facebook page and website, what a legend!!

At the end of party, after me spending an hour and a half telling them to be kind to all animals, the kids beat a monkey piñata to bits which Kelly and I enjoyed the irony of!!

Afterwards I was kicking myself for not having my photo taken with him and I also wished that, at the end of the show, when I tell the kids to look after the planet and all the amazing life on it, that I didn’t say ‘kids, don’t drop litter and above all else, never ever, graffiti on the train!!!!

You always think of these things when it’s too late, C’est la vie !!