When you are organising a kids party there are a million things to consider. Smart Hospitality Products can help you to source all of the products that you require for the big day, specialising in products and services for the hospitality trade they have a lot of cross-over products to make your party a real success.

The first thing is who to invite! Most kids want to invite the entire school and this is simply not practical for most parents, or the house that you live in. A sizeable kids birthday party will typically have 15 - 20 kids, most of an average school class size, minus the few that can’t attend. Some parents are brave and facilitate birthday parties of 30 – 40 kids and for this we salute you, a true test of nerve!

Smart Menu Covers

Once you have your kids, then you need to start organising your party menu. There are thousands of party guides online, offering menu ideas, quick things to make and what you can buy pre-made, however, most kids will want a party based around a certain and specific theme and this will give you a lot more work to do making ‘frozen’ themed cup-cakes or Disney character biscuits. You can of course bring in an external catering company and this can often prove to be a cost effective and hassle free option.

When it comes to party entertainment then you are a brave parent to tackle this yourself, the days of kids being entertained by pass-the-parcel and musical chairs is long gone! There are a multitude of children’s entertainers that you can book, from clowns to Disney characters and general party hosts. A children’s animal party is a great idea, getting the kids up close and personal with a variety of special animals is a birthday experience that they will never forget. This type of experience is rewarding, educational and exciting for the kids.

Invariably, there will be a multitude of things to deal with in the run up to the party and you may require a multitude of catering and hospitality items and supplies. Smart Hospitality source and supply everything that you could possibly need to host the perfect party, from signs and banners to printed napkins and printed placemats, through to beautiful Menu Covers if you want to really push the boat out and make the party a truly special occasion.