Learning Life Through Animals

I can show some of the most beautiful and rarest animals to many children who would not have been given the opportunity otherwise: this pretty much goes for the whole of the country when you consider those exotic little peskies too!

"A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe"

The truth of it is that children are naturally and instinctively drawn to animals. Furthermore, by exposing them to such nature from an early age, we can provide fantastic opportunities to further their learning. In fact, education becomes so much easier once a child is actively engaged and enjoying themselves. Ever thought why animals are used so much in books, on activity cards, kids' posters? Well it's not just coincidence and because they look cuddly that's for sure! Animals are actually incorporated in this way to teach children about caring for things and the ever important, cycle of life.

American study claims children will benefit long term from having animals as pets!

Aiding your children to experience cuddly, fluffy and even the most exotic of animals can, in turn, teach them a number of important life lessons; such as empathy, kindness, friendship, responsibility etc. (all of which are relevant to human interaction too). There have been hundreds upon hundreds of studies conducted around these theories, but one that comes to mind more often than not is an American number that considers the benefits having pets has on children.

The study in question highlights that whilst there are a number of medical benefits (such as helping people reduce the risk of developing common allergies like asthma), children with animals at home are more likely to have a higher self esteem and sense of self worth. You see, contact with animals (whether that be via an animal talk, convention, or at home with your pets) is absolutely essential to understanding our place in nature. Animals can make children smile, laugh, and stir a sense of curiosity and wonderment ...now that's pretty special stuff!