Cute and Furry Mammals Pt.1


Hamsters make good pets for children as they can become very friendly if handled regularly, but if they do not get enough handling they can become 'nippy', so regular handling and grooming is recommended. Remember though, that Hamsters are nocturnal creatures, so do not expect your beloved pet to be thrilled at being woken during the morning or daylight hours.
There are several species of Hamster widely available from the Dwarf Hamsters to the Syrian or Golden Hamsters, all of which will need plenty of room in its cage as they are very active when they are awake. Hamsters on average live for up to 3 years and should be fed on a diet of seeds, grains and occasional treats of small pieces of fruits and vegetables - but these should only be given occasionally as too much can cause your hamster to become ill. Always provided clean, fresh water.


Chinchillas are curious, social and active, and make ideal pets for the right people. Once again, they are a nocturnal creature, sleeping through the day and becoming very active at night. As with all similar pets, they need to be regularly handled from an early age to ensure they become used to it and are friendly. These adorable little creatures can live up to 20 years.
Chinchillas originate from the Andes Mountains in South America and they do not tolerate high temperatures and humidity. Their diet should consist of specialist bought Chinchilla food as they will eat everything that is not good for them otherwise and would willing accept sugary foods which could be harmful, feeding an amount of hay can be helpful. Chinchillas like routine, so keepers should set a regular time for play and interaction.


With regular handling, gerbils can become tame, and are interesting to watch as they interact with their cage-mates. Living up to 3 years, Gerbils are quite sociable creatures and thrive better with playmates of their own species (all obtained at a young age, together.) To avoid prolific breeding it is better to house Gerbils of the same sex together.
Like most small creatures, Gerbils have a diet of seed, grain and nuts with occasional treats of small pieces of fruit and vegetables. They are active during the day and like to gnaw on things as (is common in rodents) their teeth do not stop growing, so the gnawing process helps to grind them down.