Are You Smarter than an Animal?

But would you think I was monkeying around if I told you the octopus is pretty darn brainy too, and so are pigs? Here I tell you why:

The Octopus

The octopus has been found to be one of the most intelligent invertebrates, if not one of the smartest species of all. They have an excellent short and long term memory - this is rare - and they have been known to escape from aquariums, sneak aboard fishing boats, and feast on captured crabs. Their ability to problem-solve and squeeze through openings no bigger than their eyeballs is truly astonishing! Have a Google for some footage - it's incredible.


The Elephant

Well I guess we have been training elephants for centuries, but they are not often the animal that comes rolling off people's tongues when asked who they think is the most intelligent. But the truth is; they are very smart and very strong. They have been used to build armies and start wars.


The Crow

Crows are super intelligent birds, just as clever as chimps and gorillas. They have fantastic memories and problem-solving skills, and it has been proven that their brains are actually the same size as some primates!


The Pig

It is an argument that may seem shocking to some, but the debate is that pigs are more intelligent than dogs... what do you think? Rather surprisingly, pigs have this innate ability to be able to understand language and the meaning of certain words and phrases, even after not hearing them for years. If an animal can truly understand humans then the effects, as you can imagine, are pretty immense!


The Dolphin

Dolphins are now commonly regarded as the second most intelligent animal after apes. Dolphins locate objects using sound like a radar and can therefore avoid many dangerous situations. They have an amazing lung capacity and extremely strong tails: when put through their paces, they can outswim a shark. They also have a language and can communicate with other animals, such as whales.