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Are you looking for Birthday Party Ideas or a Party Entertainer? Look no further!

For a totally unique experience party animal shows are very interactive, hands on, educational, good fun and contain elements of zoology, biogeography, paleontology, anthropology and recent history.

Corner Exotics - Party Animals

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Invite 35 Exotic Animals to your home or venue for an animal party like no other.

Corner Exotics, provides educational & entertaining animal road shows for:

  • Birthday Parties
  • School/Village Fetes and Feitivals
  • Schools, Colleges, Secure Training Units
  • Corporate Events, Reptile Roadshow
  • Fundraising Events
  • Special Needs Groups
  • Vulnerable Children and Adults
  • And many other animal parties!


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In fact if you have an animal party event of any description, or a group of people who need entertaining, call Corner Exotics, Party Animals, for the ultimate animal party or educational talk. TO BOOK YOUR ANIMAL PARTY CONTACT SIMON AIREY ON: 07816 048 901

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  • The Exotic Pet Checklist - check it out!

    As an enthusiast for all animals exotic, and as an individual who has carved a career around looking after such beautiful beings, it is my pleasure to speak and help like-minded people

  • Cute and Furry Mammals Pt.2

    We continue to take a look at the rodents obtainable as pets....

  • Cute and Furry Mammals Pt.1

    Almost everyone will see a small fluffy hamster and the first thing they will do is say "Aw", but what about a small furry rat? That can be a totally different matter and reactions can range from sheer horror to repulsion to instant love. Those with an instant love for rats will know and appreciate just how intelligent and loving these wonderful little creatures can be, each with its own unique personality and funny ways. So let's take a look at some of these furry mammals.....

  • Estimating Species’ Numbers

    After discovering there are approximately 8.7 million species in the World (even though Erwin did say back in the 80's that there could be up to 30 million), I haven't been able to stop wondering how many categories that includes...

  • How many species of animals are there?

    Now this is an interesting thought... there must be hundreds-upon-hundreds! Well, actually, the answer is more like 8.7 million - and that number was last reported by the BBC in 2011.

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