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Are you looking for Birthday Party Ideas or a Party Entertainer? Look no further!

For a totally unique experience party animal shows are very interactive, hands on, educational, good fun and contain elements of zoology, bio geography, paleontology, anthropology and recent history.

Corner Exotics - Party Animals

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Invite 35 Exotic Animals to your home or venue for an animal party like no other.

Corner Exotics, provides educational & entertaining animal road shows for:

  • Birthday Parties
  • School/Village Fetes and Feitivals
  • Schools, Colleges, Secure Training Units
  • Corporate Events, Reptile Roadshow
  • Fundraising Events
  • Special Needs Groups
  • Vulnerable Children and Adults
  • And many other animal parties!


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In fact if you have an animal party event of any description, or a group of people who need entertaining, call Corner Exotics, Party Animals, for the ultimate animal party or educational talk. TO BOOK YOUR ANIMAL PARTY CONTACT SIMON AIREY ON: 07816 048 901

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  • The 'Wow' Factor

    Every child wishes to be the one whose birthday party is the talk of the playground and once the games, food, cake and sweets are done with, what can parents do to provide a lasting impression?

    Obtaining the professional services of an exotic pet specialist is bound...

  • What is an Exotic Pet?

    An 'exotic' pet is one which is not native to the country in which is it being kept or is not considered to be a 'domesticated' pet such as a cat or dog. Most exotic pets are reliant upon their keeper to provide the correct and ambient temperature, appropriate diet and environment to help them stay healthy and flourish in captivity.

  • Arachnophobia - The Fear of Spiders

    A lot of research has been carried out by scientists to determine where the fear of spiders comes from and many now believe that this irrational fear can be inherited from parents and grandparents, rather than from a child's personal experience, but after working with children for over 28 years I totally disagree and would say without doubt the fear is caused by negative conditioning during childhood rather than being inherited..

  • Teaching Your Pet Bird To Talk

    All species of parrot have the ability to vocalise but whether they will or not depends upon several factors; it is best to attempt to teach a bird to talk while it is still young, if you are a person or family that are communicative...

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