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For a totally unique experience party animal shows are very interactive, hands on, educational, good fun and contain elements of zoology, biogeography, paleontology, anthropology and recent history.

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Corner Exotics, provides educational & entertaining animal road shows for:

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  • And many other animal parties!


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In fact if you have an animal party event of any description, or a group of people who need entertaining, call Corner Exotics, Party Animals, for the ultimate animal party or educational talk. TO BOOK YOUR ANIMAL PARTY CONTACT SIMON AIREY ON: 07816 048 901

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  • How many species of animals are there?

    Now this is an interesting thought... there must be hundreds-upon-hundreds! Well, actually, the answer is more like 8.7 million - and that number was last reported by the BBC in 2011.

  • Why do animals hibernate?

    As a well known 'Animal Man', I am often asked somewhat tricky questions (particularly by the kids). Nearly every winter, at some talk or other, I hear that familiar question - 'why do animals hibernate?' ...and its an interesting one to answer. Unlike us humans, some animals simply cannot survive the harsh changes in weather that the winter brings.

  • Snakes as Pets

    Snakes can prove to be one of the easiest creatures to keep as a pet, needing little more than feeding, fresh water, keeping at the correct temperature, and a small amount of cleaning up after, they can prove to be the ideal pet. Below we take a look at the various species of snake which are commonly kept as pets and readily available to purchase in pet stores:

  • Top 5 Most Common Animal Phobias

    There are so many people with so many different animal phobias that it's hard to keep track! However; one thing's for sure, time and time again, the same five animals are the main talking point... so, if you're not familiar with all of these, it's time to sit back and take note - just in case their waiting in the wings to frighten you with their grizzly, demonic and deathly ways...

  • Spiders, Bugs and Creepy Crawlies

    Anyone wishing to have an exotic pet maybe should start with the easiest of creatures which do not require too much interaction and Spiders, Bugs and Creepy Crawlies come into this category. From the sturdy, passive Hissing Cockroach, Mantids, Stick Insects, to some impressive looking Tarantulas, all are relatively simple to look after providing they are kept in the correct environment and fed on suitable food.

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